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You can start your job research before you arrive to Peterborough. Visit the Labour Market Information section to learn more about your position specifically in a Peterborough context.

For overall information about careers, job opportunities, and labour trends in Canada visit Working in Canada. You can commence your search either by your desired profession or by selecting Peterborough as your location.

To do a local search, the Greater Peterborough Area Chamber of Commerce website is a good place to start. The website has Business Directory of all the organizations affiliated with the Chamber. The directory is divided into categories based on industry. Identify which is the one you are interested in, and go through the business names listed therein. This will give you a broad perspective on how big the industry is, and organizations to which you can apply for jobs.

Two more important sites you should visit in order to identify potential employers are:

Create a log where you can keep track of the companies you are interested in. Record their name, phone numbers, email address, website, and any other contact information you can find. Before contacting them to ask for information on potential employment opportunities make sure you do your research. Become as familiar as possible with the organization, and analyze if you think you are a good fit to work there.

Asking for information about potential job opportunities is just like writing a cover letter. You will want to:

  1. Introduce yourself and your reason for contacting the organization.
  2. Briefly explain how you became aware of the organization.
  3. Give a short and clear explanation about your main qualifications.
  4. Request an informational interview (explained below).
  5. Thank the employer.

An informational interview is not a job interview. It is a meeting you request with a potential employer that gives you the chance to introduce yourself, inquire about potential job opportunities, industry trends, and other career-related questions you may have. You can schedule informational interviews before you arrive to Peterborough. Many employers are willing to meet, so it is important that you are well prepared in advance. Research the organization as much as possible and come prepared with a list of questions you want answered. This can be a way for you to get noticed so look and act professional, be mindful of the employer's time - ask questions that you cannot find the answer to on their website.

You can make your initial contact via email, and then indicate that you will be phoning them upon your arrival.

The employer's website isn’t the only way for you to learn more about an organization. Many Peterborough businesses use Twitter, an online social networking and micro-blogging service. It lets users send and read short messages made of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". You can become more familiar with a company by following them on Twitter. To start using Twitter, click here.

After you join, or if you already have an account, we recommend you follow these accounts and/or conversation topics:

These organizations provide information related to the community, employment opportunities, and services for immigrants in the Greater Peterborough Area.

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