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What is an employment resource centre?

An employment resource centre is an organization that helps people who are looking for a job and assists companies who want to hire new staff.

For job seekers, the services they provide are:

  • Computers with high-speed internet
  • Access to printers, scanners, photocopiers, telephones, and fax machines
  • Information on job search strategies
  • Assistance writing resumes and cover letters
  • Assistance preparing for job interviews
  • Workshops and information sessions regarding employment
  • Information on external services and programs regarding employment

For organizations or individuals looking to hire new staff, their services include:

  • Corporate training on HR practices
  • Recruiting assistance

An employment resource centre is an essential tool when conducting your job search and you can greatly benefit from their services. However, it's not their responsibility, and they don't guarantee that they will find you a job.

What is a placement or temporary agency?

These agencies help organizations hire new staff. You can submit your resume to one of these agencies, and if they have an opening that matches your qualifications they will contact you. In each situation the type of employment they can help you with can vary, meaning it can be for full time, part time, contract, etc.

Some placement or temporary agencies charge a fee-for-service. This is typically charged to the employee once and only if they help them secure employment. Before you submit your resume for a position with one of these agencies, make sure to check their individual policies. Some placement agencies take a portion of your wage. An example of this would be an organization in need of an administrative assistant to fill a temporary vacancy for three months. The organization would pay the placement agency $20/hour for the worker and the placement agency would pay the worker $12/hour. Naturally, you can sense that many workers might feel exploited in situations like these. Again, be sure to ask what the arrangement for pay is before committing to work with them.

Like employment resource centres, placement agencies can help you in your job search, but it is not their responsibility, and they don't guarantee that they will find a job for you.

Local Employment Services

There are several employment agencies in Peterborough that can help you with your job search. Schedule an appointment with an employment counsellor to receive further assistance.

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