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About Peterborough
About the City
About the Region
History of Immigration to Peterborough
Diversity in Peterborough
New Canadians Centre
Peterborough Immigration Partnership (PIP)
Peterborough Immigration Portal
Local News and Events
Peterborough Social Planning Council Info Note
Photo Gallery
Arts and Culture
Festivals and Events
Multicultural Canada Day Festival
What types of outdoor activities are available?
What sports are available?
How do I connect with people who share my interests?
How do I immigrate to Peterborough?
Who can help me with the immigration process?
Working In Canada
International Students
Before I Arrive
The First Days
Who can help me get settled?
How do I become a Canadian citizen?
Canadian Values
Story Gallery
Success Stories
Fadhil Al-Sarraj
Dean Pappas
Hua Chen
Farah Zafarzadeh
Ali Imran and Mostafa Rahman
Community Programs Participant Testimonials
Video Testimonials
Canadian Stories
What are my rights as a tenant?
Where do I find apartments and houses to rent or buy?
How do I choose a neighbourhood?
What do I need to know before renting or buying?
How much does it cost to rent or buy a home in Peterborough?
How can I get around?
How can I travel in Peterborough if I don’t have a car?
How can I travel between cities?
Should I bring my car to Canada?
How do I buy a car in Peterborough?
How much does it cost to own a car?
How do I get a driver’s licence?
What about parking?
What else do I need to know?
Food and Shopping
Restaurants and Food
Personal Finance
What is the cost of living in Peterborough?
What should I know about banking?
What should I know about income tax?
Where can I find financial help in Peterborough?
What else should I know?
How do I get health insurance?
How do I find a health care provider?
What should I expect when visiting a doctor or nurse practitioner?
What do I do in an emergency?
What sexual and reproductive health services are available?
What other types of health care are available?
What if I am having trouble coping?
Children services
Seniors Services
What is a Municipal Government?
What is the Provincial Government?
What is the Federal Government?
Places of Worship
What if I want to bring my pet with me to Canada?
What do I need to learn about pet ownership in Peterborough?
Where can I find information on animal welfare?
Getting Settled
Where do I find local information and available services?
How can I get involved in the community?
What if I am having trouble coping?
Monthly Life Calendar
Doing Business
Labour Market Information
Job Search
Before You Start Your Job Search
Helpful Job Websites
Employment and Placement Services
Types of Employment
Getting Credentials Recognized
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Welcome to Peterborough
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