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How do I get a driver’s licence?

Industrial ParkYou may use a valid driver’s licence from your home country when you first arrive in Ontario. After 60 days, you will need to have an Ontario Driver’s Licence. For general information, please see the Transportation guide at Settlement.Org.

You may qualify for the licence exchange program.

This allows you to exchange your current licence for an Ontario licence without taking a driving test. Staff at the Drive Test Centre can assess your situation and direct you to the next steps.

Even if you do not qualify for a driver's licence exchange, you may still receive credit for driving experience gained in your home country. The licence exchange program and the Out of Country Drivers information is explained on the Drive Test Ontario website.

Even experienced drivers can benefit from a Driver’s Education Course. Passing the course may reduce your car insurance costs. It can also speed up the process of gaining your Ontario licence. There are driving schools in Peterborough that can provide Driver Education.

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