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How do I buy a car in Peterborough?

downtownIf you want to buy a car, the best way to start can be to talk to your friends or the people you work with. Ask them about their car, how and where they bought the car and how they bought insurance. Talking to other people you know who have already bought cars will be very helpful. 

Cars can be bought from dealerships, auction sales, or from private sellers. To find people selling used cars privately, you can look in newspaper classified ads or check websites such as Kijiji or

For more information on buying a car in Ontario, as well as information on the costs associated with owning a car, please see this guide at Settlement.Org.

All cars require license plates, which must be renewed every year just before the owner’s birthday. To register a car, or for answers to questions, you can go to the Ministry of Transportation Drivers and Vehicles Office in Peterborough. 

To read more about licensing a car in Ontario, see the Ministry of Transportation’s Vehicle Licensing section or the vehicle licensing guide on

A local expert provided the following information for and list of steps newcomers should take when buying a car in Peterborough:

Every vehicle purchase must be processed at the Vehicle License Issuing Office at 300 Water Street. You will need the following information about the vehicle you intend to buy: make, model, year, kilometre reading, the V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) of the vehicle.

All drivers must have car insurance.  Talk to people you know, or use the Yellow Pages to choose an insurance company. Insurance companies can provide you with free insurance estimates. The company you finally chose can give you a temporary insurance coverage letter, which you will need to take to the License issuing office.

Any vehicle you buy must have a valid Safety Inspection certificate and an Emissions Test report showing a 'PASS' condition. Payment for the inspection and the test is agreed upon by you and the vehicle seller.  A 'Vehicle History' package must also be provided to you by the seller.

You will need to bring the following documents to the license issuing office: insurance coverage letter, safety certificate, test report, ownership of the purchased vehicle, vehicle history package. Please also bring a form of payment to pay for license plates, sticker and sales tax.



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