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What else should I know?

Consumer Rights and Protection

CourthouseTo learn more about your rights as a consumer, visit the following websites: 

Credit Card Fraud

To protect your personal information, it is important to keep your Credit Card with you and in sight. If you think you have lost your credit card, call your credit card provider and cancel your card.

It is important that you keep important numbers of your credit card companies and/or banks should you need to call them in an emergency. For more information, refer to Settlement.Org’s guide: What Should I Know About Credit Card Fraud?

Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information, such as government-issued identification, to impersonate you. If an individual succeeds in stealing your identity, they may be able to create large debts which you may be held responsible for. Please see the RCMP's Identity Theft and Identity Fraud page.

Email and Web Fraud

Email fraud or "phishing" occurs when a legitimate looking email is sent to a recipient from either a unknown person and/or from what appears as a "well known" organization or website. The general intent is to ask for your confidential banking information so that the sender can obtain money from you under false pretenses. For information on "phishing" and "pharming" or web fraud and on how you can protect yourself visit the Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services website and How-to-protect-yourself- from email fraud.

Door-to-Door Sales

If you are unsure if a particular salesperson is legitimate, contact the Better Business Bureau or the New Canadians Centre. You may also search the Consumer Beware List at the Ministry of Consumer Services to see if others have complained about a business.

For more types of scams and fraud, and to learn how to protect yourself, please see the RCMP's Scams and Fraud page.

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