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Food and Shopping

MacLean Berry Farm at Farmers marketThis is a quick overview of the types of stores available in Peterborough. For specific information, please select one of the options below.

Restaurants and Food

Peterborough has many different types of stores. Some of the shopping options in Peterborough include:

Shopping malls (also referred to as shopping centres) – large indoor shopping spaces made up of many different types of individual specialty stores.  Some shopping malls also contain department stores and grocery stores. Shopping malls typically contain a sit-down eating area with fast food restaurants and cafes. This is often called a ‘food court’.

Department stores and superstores – large stores that carry a variety of items, such as clothing, furniture, cosmetics, toys, gardening supplies, electronics etc.; some also sell groceries.

Specialty stores - stores that concentrate on a particular item, such as books, shoes, furniture, clothing, lighting, home improvement, flowers, etc. 

Supermarkets and grocery stores – big stores that sell a large variety of food.

Health food stores - often smaller supermarkets that mainly sell organic and natural items, environmentally friendly cleaners, cosmetics and personal items, vitamins, supplements and homeopathic remedies. Some regular supermarkets also contain a few aisles dedicated to health foods.

Drug stores and pharmacies - stores that sell prescription and non-prescription medication, personal care items, and other household products.  Some also sell natural and homeopathic items. Supermarkets and grocery stores can also contain pharmacies.

Convenience stores - small stores that sell milk, bread, snack food, newspapers and other basic items.

‘Second-hand’ or ‘thrift stores’ - stores that sell used clothing, furniture, books and other items at lower prices.

Dollar stores – stores that sell a variety of items at low costs, often only a dollar or two.

Farmers’ markets - outdoor and indoor stalls where fruits, vegetables, and other goods are sold by local farmers and artisans.

Garage sales (also referred to as yard sales) and flea markets - informal sales of used items that are held outside homes, apartment buildings or in large open areas. Yard sales usually take place on weekends. Anyone can put on a yard sale. A rummage sale is similar to a garage sale but is often held in churches, with all of the money going to the church or charity.

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